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Returning the modern
world to the wild

We often think of the wild as a place — somewhere far from the energy of the city, home to the sublime and supernatural. A place where we remember we’re a part of something both intricate and timeless.

But wild is also a state of being, we want you to remember how to be wild. A fully expressed yet humble version of yourself. We’ve designed arcana to return you to the wild as a place, but also the wild as a state of mind.

Bridging the hinterland and the heartland

We believe in the inspiration of the city and the power of the outdoors. Arcana isn't an escape, it's a return — find balance in the dance inbetween.

In Solitude, Together

The arcana experience is designed to be enjoyed in solitude. While you won’t need to interact with anyone during your stay, you’ll return home feeling connected to it all.


Travel + Leisure

“This might just be the greatest escape yet”

enRoute Magazine

“A refuge for reflection in Ontario’s woods”


“These small but perfectly formed structures are as smart as they are functional”


“The Arcana mirrored cabins give visitors a fully immersive whimsical experience”

Apartment Therapy

“The exterior of the cabins completely steal the show”

Globe and Mail

“You need to see Arcana’s cabins”