A return to the SUPERNATURAL.

arcana isn’t an escape, it’s a return.


Full relaxation, playfulness, curiosity, and awe are states that ground us and guide us back to ourselves.


The arcana experience encourages exploration of both the natural environment and the self. We believe in the inspiration of the city and the power of the outdoors.


  • Self-guided well-being programming to induce states of grounding, exploration, and restoration
  • Access to fresh water, private trails, and greenspace
  • Intentionally placed Wi-Fi access
  • On-site hydrotherapy circuit, pavilion, and listening room
  • As much fresh air and sound sleep as you can carry
  • Set against a backdrop that is beautifully uncomplicated by design with easy proximity to major cities


arcana is rediscovering the paths to our true selves, and the practice of coming back often. It’s the inhale that allows us to pour our best selves back into our loved ones, passions, and our projects.


Please note that our Collingwood property is currently closed for public bookings. It continues to serve as a meaningful research and innovations hub as we prepare for the opening of our newest property. Should you have any inquiries regarding the Collingwood property, please email us at



Travel + Leisure

“This might just be the greatest escape yet”

enRoute Magazine

“A refuge for reflection in Ontario’s woods”


“These small but perfectly formed structures are as smart as they are functional”


“The Arcana mirrored cabins give visitors a fully immersive whimsical experience”

Apartment Therapy

“The exterior of the cabins completely steal the show”

Globe and Mail

“You need to see Arcana’s cabins”